ACORN Seminar

In the context of an expert visit, Dr. Alan Chan will give a very interesting seminar on Grant writing and presentations.

ACORN Seminar

ACORN Seminar




ACORN Summer School and Thematic Workshop

The ACORN Summer School and Thematic Workshop took place at Praia Verde in Portugal from the 19–22nd October 2020 and combined both the Summer School and the Thematic Workshop. The event counted with a total of 53 participants. While days 2 and 3 were dedicated to the Summer School and Industrial Day, days 3 and 4 were dedicated to the Thematic Workshop. Having all the partners available at this time for the attendance of the ACORN Summer School, the ACORN Second Annual Meeting was included in the agenda of this event.
The event programme can be found here together with a short report here The photo coverage from the event was done by Marisa Martins and the resulting photos can be seen at




ACORN Summer School and Thematic Workshop

The ACORN Joint Summer School and Thematic Workshop will take place at the Praia Verde Boutique Hotel in Algarve, Portugal, from 19-22 of October.

With the aim of exposing iMM-JLA’s students and postdocs to international research excellence, iMM young reserachers will join the twinning partners participants, on the attendance of  lectures from renowed international speakers that will cover several themes, from science to entrepreneurship, such as:

  • Pharmaceutical development of CORMs (Gonçalo Bernarardes, UCAM)
  • CO and cancer matastasis (Nancy Du, Weill Cornell Medicine)
  • NanoCORMs (Daniel Heller, MSKCC)
  • Design and synthesis of active CORMs (Carlos Romão, FFUL)
  • CO going to the clinic (Jeff Wager, Proterris)
  • Intelectual Property (Nick Sutcliffe, Mewburn Ellis)
  • From academia to become an entrepreneur (Daniel Silva Varon, Neoleukin; Nikolaus Krall, Allcyte)
  • Venture Capitals (Ricardo Perdigao Henriques, Hovione Capital)
  • Clinical Research (Cláudia Faria, HSM/iMM)
  • Science Communication (Fernando Gomollón-Bel, UCAM)

Among others.

In addition, the young researchers attending the event will have the opportunity to share their projects through poster presentations, in 2 poster sessions.

Check here the event flyer.


ACORN Inspirational Lectures

The ACORN Inspirational Lectures took place on the 28th of October in Lisbon. During this event, our twinning partners provided inspirational lectures on entrepreneurship/innovation:

Gonçalo Bernardes, UCAM – Targeted CO-delivery in cancer immunotherapy
Katja Bierau, PILO – Novel methods for imaging gaso-transmitters
Alan Chan, PERC – CORMs – from bench to clinic?
Luis Cruz, LUMC – Nanomedicine and immunotherapy
Veronica de Marchis, VDM – Temperature-sensitive release of carbon monoxide from CORMs embedded in hidrogels

Thank you for an amazing time!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 807281